The WAREHouse

The Warehouse is a Tacoma based production company committed to bringing high-quality music experiences to various locations around the city. We are committed to bringing good music to Tacoma as well as showcasing the new and already established talent in our fair city. We feature these artists through DIY pop-up events in various places around Tacoma-- people’s houses, garages, warehouses, art galleries, old churches, etc.

We hope to create a community that stands by the artists that come through Tacoma as well as its local musicians. This community happens through the shows we produce, meals we prepare, and the homes we offer up to traveling bands.

We also work with bands to craft shows that are unique and memorable, not just your run-of-the-mill concert. Best of all, the majority of the proceeds from door and ticket sales go straight to the bands in order to help them make a living through their art.

Upcoming Shows...