Cloud Person | Hounds of the Wild Hunt | Michelle From the Club
7:00 pm19:00

Cloud Person | Hounds of the Wild Hunt | Michelle From the Club

  • Alma Mater

Tickets | $10 Advance/$15 Door
Doors at 7:30pm

Cloud Person
This powerful Seattle group has worked with The Warehouse and the MountainHouse Studio boys. Channeled through Pete Jordan's purposeful lyrics, this group builds a wall of cascading guitars over a deep rhythmic foundation. With their soon to be released album 'Apparatus' finished be sure to come and hear the new material.

Hounds of the Wild Hunt
These dudes ripped on the Timber Outdoor Music Festival Stage last time we saw them and have been wanting them in Tacoma ever since. This four-piece Seattle garage rock group is layered in fuzz and powerful drum fills to deliver a charged performance. Don't miss out on this group!

Michelle From the Club
Out of the cavernous wormhole of adulthood this Tacoma two-piece looks to bring their high energy set back to Tacoma. Fast tempos and swirling guitar riffs enable Michelle from the Club to channel youth angst and the tremors of travel with just jumping around your favorite albums as a kid. Check this band out before they go into hiding again!

Feb 6

Iska Dhaaf - Coma Figura - Generifus

Date: Friday, February 5
Buy Tickets: $10 Advance | $15 Door
Location: The Hewitt Building | 700 Court A Tacoma, WA 98402
Time: Doors 7pm

Iska Dhaaf - Brooklyn, NY via Seattle, WA

Inspired by Sufi poetry, limitation, and an obsessive preoccupation with writing, Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes have fused their seemingly disparate musical and personal backgrounds into something searching and honest. Their songs, with heavy rhythms and cutting melodic hooks, are at once infectious and sweetly disarming. With both musicians holding integral Seattle music backgrounds in projects such as Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band and Mad Rad among others.

We were able to catch Iska Dhaaf at multiple shows in and around Seattle before and after their departure to New York. This two-piece produces elements from both Nathan and Benjamin's previous musical journeys which combine as a powerful tempo driven and guitar soaked rally cry.  

Coma Figura - Tacoma, WA

With a self-described Bedroom Pop vibe, Coma Figura have been one of the cities best bands throughout the celebration and release of their latest album 'COMPANY'. With deep roots in the Tacoma music community Coma Figura is composed of Kyle Gootkin, Brittany White, Mike Pa, and Jesse Goodrum. 

Generifus - Olympia, WA

Spencer Sult's band Generifus released 'Extra Bad' last September with high praise from local and national music writers. THRDCOAST  wrote that 'Extra Bad' " legitimately an album we've been unable to stop listening to. From irresistible jams like "Small Stuff" to the Police-esque "The Park," it's impressive just how easily-digestible Sult's music can be. And perhaps most impressively, the fact that Extra Bad has the potential for broad appeal doesn't mean that it's at all shallowthe vocals manage to bring it down to earth and convey real artistry."

Evening Bell
8:00 pm20:00

Evening Bell

Evening Bell 

The new collaboration between Seattle songwriters Hart Kingsbery (Davidson Hart Kingsbery) and Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club) with Jason Merculief (Alela Diane, Sera Cahoone, J. Tillman), on drums and Aaron Harmonson on bass. Songs filled with tremolo soaked desert guitar, barroom piano solos, ghost town duets and western instrumentals. 

"To listen to Evening Bell, is to step back in time to the days when a hard day's work on the farm was rewarded with a cold beer in a dusty barroom. Kingsbery's guitar and Sherman's piano roll languidly along like a tumbleweed passing through town as the pair takes turns singing lead and duetting. Their voices shine on their own, but together there's added soul to the rich tales they tell." AZARIA C. PODPLESKY, Seattle Weekly

Sound & the Fury

A Tacoma Band that blew our minds leading up to the annual First Night Festival in Tacoma. In a desire to showcase the talent in Tacoma, this is a band you won't want to miss. Loud and honest, Sound & the Fury have founded lyrics with an Americana rock n' roll sound. There will be noise.

Lost Lander
8:00 pm20:00

Lost Lander

  • Grit City Grindhouse

We're trying not to pee ourselves with excitement! Normally we don't post events without all the information locked down but we couldn't help but let everyone know that we'll be hosting Lost Lander on September 19th. 

We'll be securing and posting all of the details here in the next few days...until then. Say you're coming and be prepared to actually have your musical earholes blown up! 

$10 Advance.

Aug 8