Evening Bell

Evening Bell 

The new collaboration between Seattle songwriters Hart Kingsbery (Davidson Hart Kingsbery) and Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club) with Jason Merculief (Alela Diane, Sera Cahoone, J. Tillman), on drums and Aaron Harmonson on bass. Songs filled with tremolo soaked desert guitar, barroom piano solos, ghost town duets and western instrumentals. 

"To listen to Evening Bell, is to step back in time to the days when a hard day's work on the farm was rewarded with a cold beer in a dusty barroom. Kingsbery's guitar and Sherman's piano roll languidly along like a tumbleweed passing through town as the pair takes turns singing lead and duetting. Their voices shine on their own, but together there's added soul to the rich tales they tell." AZARIA C. PODPLESKY, Seattle Weekly


Sound & the Fury

A Tacoma Band that blew our minds leading up to the annual First Night Festival in Tacoma. In a desire to showcase the talent in Tacoma, this is a band you won't want to miss. Loud and honest, Sound & the Fury have founded lyrics with an Americana rock n' roll sound. There will be noise.