Cloud Person | Hounds of the Wild Hunt | Michelle From the Club

  • Alma Mater 1322 South Fawcett Avenue Tacoma, WA, 98402 United States

Tickets | $10 Advance/$15 Door
Doors at 7:30pm

Cloud Person
This powerful Seattle group has worked with The Warehouse and the MountainHouse Studio boys. Channeled through Pete Jordan's purposeful lyrics, this group builds a wall of cascading guitars over a deep rhythmic foundation. With their soon to be released album 'Apparatus' finished be sure to come and hear the new material.

Hounds of the Wild Hunt
These dudes ripped on the Timber Outdoor Music Festival Stage last time we saw them and have been wanting them in Tacoma ever since. This four-piece Seattle garage rock group is layered in fuzz and powerful drum fills to deliver a charged performance. Don't miss out on this group!

Michelle From the Club
Out of the cavernous wormhole of adulthood this Tacoma two-piece looks to bring their high energy set back to Tacoma. Fast tempos and swirling guitar riffs enable Michelle from the Club to channel youth angst and the tremors of travel with just jumping around your favorite albums as a kid. Check this band out before they go into hiding again!